Daydreaming of Vintage Dior - Bringing A Design Vision To Life


Having a bespoke gown made is one of the most luxurious experiences you can ever have. One day an idea pops into your head, you research, find inspiration and then hit up the boutiques, often left a little saddened after each experience not being able to find that elusive ‘dream dress’.

If you have your heart set on a particular style, or perhaps it’s simply an idea or two, then why settle for something that 50%, 70% or even 90% close to what you want! It’s your big day after all, and you’ll have mementoes of the occasion that will last a lifetime. You don’t want to be looking back with regret.

It’s time for you to consult a couturier, someone that can help you bring your dream and inspirations to life. A design that will flatter and wow!


Design Sketch

Finished Gown

Here at MAISONdeROSSI, we go through quite a rigorous design process to ensure your gown is truly unique and reflects your individual style.

We start by going through all your inspirational elements and sketching out a number of designs until we have a shortlist.

Once your design is on paper, we can start putting together your preferred fabrics and decorative embellishments. It’s these elements that will bring your design to life, giving it movement, texture and brilliance.

Once your consultation is concluded, it’s time to get measured up so that we can start cutting your toile. It’s this part of the process where we make a mock-up version of your finished design. We use this process to make alterations, as well as any design changes. Depending on the style of your gown, sometimes two or three toile fittings are needed. We want everything to be as perfect as possible at this stage before we start cutting the finished fabric.

Now that we have the perfect fit, it’s time for our cutter to get cutting! Using your toile, all the alterations are made to your personalised pattern, and we begin cutting the finished fabric. This can be a tricky and difficult process – again, depending on your design. Throughout this part of the construction process additional fitting are often needed to ensure things are going the way we want them to. As every woman’s body shape is unique, we like to do as much work on the body as possible. It is during this fitting process that all decorative embellishments are pinned in place.

All our decorative embellishments, be it fabric draping, lace applique, beading, etc. are all hand finished, and this can sometimes take a considerable amount of time, which is why some gowns take longer (and cost more) than others. What you see on the outside rarely reflects the time, effort and craftsmanship that is needed on the inside to create such professional and visually dynamic finishes.

We like to encourage our brides to look beyond the usual online vintage dress shop offerings, and use the design process to experiment and have some fun with their creative ideas. Yes, you’re having a dress designed and made for your wedding day, but why not have something that can be worn again at a later date, to a party or a ball? We don’t think a bespoke gown should be worn just the once and then hidden from view, preserved in a box for all eternity.

It’s something worth thinking about, no?!

Every woman is unique, and MAISONdeROSSI believes this should be reflected in her style. If you can dream it, we can create it. But more than that, with our artisans at the helm, we can bring your vision to life in a way that will fit and sculpt your body to perfection.

Visit the MAISONdeROSSI website for inspiration and to get in contact with us.