Couture and Craftsmanship

We hear people dropping the “couture” word quite often when it comes to buying a wedding or event gown, but what does it mean? Couture is high fashion – a piece of custom-fitted clothing, made from high-quality fabrics, using hand-executed techniques.

Couture is all about details. Whether your design is heavily embellished or sleek and simple, it often takes equal amounts of time to produce both. A Simple minimalist gown has a strong emphasis on silhouette, so more caution needs to be taken during production as any imperfection will be quickly noticed. Heavily detailed gowns need equal amounts of attention for different reasons. Beaded elements and decorative features should be seamless in design, the finished product should look as though the decoration was initially a single piece of fabric that your designer has cut and flawlessly sewn together - meaning there should be no visible seam disrupting the pattern or design. This, of course, is subject to the particular design of your gown. Some gowns feature multiple panels of varying decoration and the seam detail is a feature of the style.

Craftsmanship and couture go hand in hand. There is not one without the other. Different styles require different levels of skill and attention. Often many specialists are involved in completing your look - a  pattern maker and fabric cutter, a seamstress, someone to bead and embellish, as well as a finisher. Amongst these processes, it's often that more than one creative professional is needed - for example, your gown has custom embroidery, so there may be a couple of artisans handmaking silk flowers, another doing needlework and finally one or more sewing beads and motifs. It can be quite a process creating a bespoke piece of decoration, and then there is the rest of the gown to prepare.

Couture does not mean your gown is bespoke or custom – these are words used to let you know you can make design changes to an existing style, or create a unique design of your own from the beginning. The couture element is the process of production. Having a bespoke couture gown made means you can get hands-on in the design process and select the colour, fabric, details and embellishments and know that your gown will be custom-fitted to you at the highest quality and standard.

Are you ready to get designing?

Every woman is unique, and MAISONdeROSSI believes this should be reflected in her style. If you can dream it, we can create it. But more than that, with our artisans at the helm, we can bring your vision to life in a way that will fit and sculpt your body to perfection.

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