Couture Collection

"People will stare. Make it worth their while!" - Harry Winston


Creating Couture

MAISONdeROSSI is a collective of artisan producers, specialists in their particular field, all working towards bringing your vintage fashion vision to life. Whether it’s a wedding dress, an evening gown, or something to wear every day, our couture collection consists of whatever style it is that you can dream up. Each piece is custom designed and made to order. Whether you want a vintage reproduction or something unique, we aim to meet and exceed your style expectations.

Creating a custom gown is more than merely sketching a pretty illustration, there are some essential steps to get through before designing even begins.

Being a couturier is much like being a fashion engineer, architect and researcher all in one. A designer not only needs to be able to design a unique gown for each woman, but they also need to understand the structure and foundations of the garment, how it will be assembled, what construction methods and techniques are required, and what fabrics and decorative finished will be best suited to create a flawless completed aesthetic. Like any building, the structure is only as stable as its foundation, and this is the same with a couture gown - if the foundation of your garment is not sufficient for the design, it doesn’t matter how much time, effort and money that goes into it, it will more than likely end up being poorly fitted, looking unfinished, or worse, cheap!





Embellish & Shine

We put in a lot of time and effort sourcing fabrics and decorative finishes - such as trims, laces and embellishments, that will best suit your design and budget. Wherever possible, our decorative finishes are custom designs. We will often cut out the motifs and patterns from different laces and embroidered fabrics to then carefully combine them by hand, creating something unique.

The fabrics we use are sourced individually for each gown. We like to take the time and shop for designer end-of-roll or limited run fabrics, providing an additional level of luxury to your ensemble, but it also means that you are likely to be the only women in the world with that particular style! Precisely what a bespoke, one-off creation should be. A piece designed and made especially for you, to treasure forever - the only woman in the world to own such piece.





The cost of having a bespoke couture gown or outfit made can vary depending on the design, fabrics, embellishment and time needed. 

Here is our general pricing and we do our best to keep within these parameters.





Selecting an existing collection piece and making design changes to suit your style will cost around $1,200 - $2,400.



Creating a unique, one-off or reproduction gown has an average cost between $1,900 - $3,500.

Couture consultations are free of charge. Book an appointment today and see what it is we can create for you tomorrow.